Incline Fitness Studio

Incline Fitness Studio

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We face new challenges every day. If you stay the same, you've lost. Every day choose to go 1- 0.

Personalize your time here to best fit your needs and goals.

Our nationally accredited trainers are here to help you achieve your best self.

Mon – Fri   8am – 8pm

Sat  8am – 4pm


"Every piece of the studio is being used efficiently. The equipment layout makes sense and serves full function."
Rachel Downing
Community Member
"I love the Peloton and their hours make it easy for me to come before or after work without being rushed."
Garret Villanova
Fitness Fanatic

Specialized Equipment

One of our favorite pieces of equipment is the Peloton. It’s fantastic having hundreds of instructors at your fingertips. Great for any part of your workout, it’s fully accessible for our members and ready to rock at any time.


Another great piece of equipment is our plyo box selection. Soft enough to challenge yourself at new heights without risking injury, our boxes can elevate your workout to an entirely new level.


Our landmines are also awesome ways to incorporate new movements into your workout as a substitute for more traditional cables or machines. Need some tips, tricks, or inspiration? Just ask a trainer for some excellent lifts on the landmine!